AB-DS7301 Dancing Slimmer
Dancing Slimmer is a unique and effective way to lose weight and maintain your weight loss. It is small enough to be kept under the bed and with its 4-in-1 function of stepping, twisting, bouncing and toning, it is big enough to give you the ultimate in cardio and toning workout in one session, in the comfort of your own home.
This innovative stepper is designed to work both the upper and lower body. Made with durable steel construction, it features oversized footplates where you can comfortably step, twist and bounce on. Additional body cords give you an upper body sculpting workout without the bulk.
Use the Dancing Slimmer as a stepper and you will quickly work up a sweat. It mimics stair climbing action and activates the large muscles of the legs, burning calories quickly with every step.
The twisting motion gets your mid section in action and encourages you to work your abdominal muscles, trimming your waist with every step.
Employing spring-thrust technology, this Dancing Slimmer also acts as a trampoline, allowing you to bounce and dance your way to a slimmer body. The thrust action also cushions and protects your knees from overuse injuries.
With the addition of two body cords, you can performance resistance exercises to tone your arms, shoulders and chest while dancing and burning calories at the same time. It is compact and easily stow-away.
Step. Twist. Bounce. Resist. 4 exercises in 1 movement, by 1 Dancing Slimmer machine. This is the most effective fat burning, body toning exercise you will ever own at home.
Size: 24' x 14' x 9' (60 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm)