Nordic Track Rider CTX 4000 Circuit Cross Trainer
  • Aerobics, muscle-toning and stretching - all in one machine.
  • Get the muscle-toning of the home gym, the flexibility from total-body stretching and the easy, effective aerobic workout of a rider in one incredible new machine. The CTX introduces the most complete workout variety in one machine, one workout.
  • 6 muscle-conditioning exercises
  • 2 aerobic motions
  • 4 stretching exercises
  • 10 adjustable resistance settings
  • 3 distinct workout motions - pull, push and overhead
  • This unique design uses circuit training to give you a variety of both upper and lower body exercises through a full range of motion. Unique overhead pushing and pulling motions allow you to focus on your biceps, shoulders, chest and back muscles.
  • Workout computer monitors your reps, reps per minute and time. Includes motion lock, comfortable seat, motion control limiter and wheels for easy storage.