Gravity Boots

  • Gravity Boots paired with the EZ-Upô Inversion Rack or
  • Inversion Bar offer an economical inversion option. Designed for the fit and flexible user, the Boots provide a practical method for full inversion as well as an excellent platform for exercise.
  • Gravity Boots can also be paired with the inversion table for added comfort and ankle support. The standard ankle clamps easily interchanged with the Adapter Kit.
  • Removable calf loops place a 2-degree bend in the knees to help reduce the load on the knee joints and the top of the foot. As well as provide proper alignment of the leg, llowing the user to invert and exercise without added strain on the spine
  • Made of patented Dupont™ Hytrel™, a light and durable material that provides a flexible and comfortable fit
  • Soft 1.6 cm (5/8 inch) foam lines provide maximum comfort with minimum compression
  • Dual self-locking ratchet buckles, each with a doublelock system for security
  • Hooks and calf loop are made of 40% glass nylon alloy, for a stronger Gravity Boot