Why Exercise
Health is a commitment and lifestyle. A healthy body and mind will allow you to enjoy your life to the fullest. It is about looking good, getting fit and feeling great. "Health is Wealth".

Sometimes we may wonder if exercise is really worth all the effort. It's normal to skip a workout on busy days, but don't skip often because the benefits are enjoyed by those who make it a lifelong commitment.

10 Reasons Why You Should exercise

1Regular exercise burns calories to help take weight off.
2Regular exercise keeps your body toned and looking good at all times.
3Physical activity strengthens your muscles.
4Exercise helps maintain flexibility.
5Exercise increases your stress resistance.
6Exercise helps you feel more relaxed and even sleep better.
7Exercise can slow the loss of stamina, strength, bone density and metabolic rate in many ways; it is the antithesis of ageing!
8Regular exercise helps reduce the risk of heart disease.
9Regular exercise helps lower blood pressure.
10Whereas diets can lower your metabolism, efficient aerobic exercise raises your metabolism rate and helps you maintain a healthy body all year round.

You must begin to exercise regularly regardless of your age. Regular exercise helps reduce the risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol level and blood pressure. Simply exercise 3 times a week and 20 minutes each session will significantly improve your fitness and health.