Walk and jog at your own pace and privacy. With motivating programs and different models to meet your fitness needs.
MX900 Commercial Treadmill
• Running belt: 56 x 158 cm (22" x 62") • Deck: Phelonic deck. Reversible with elastomer
AIBI ClubLine T55
T55, with light-touch sensor along with brighter and larger display offers users a fantastic easy tr
T33, a well designed light commercial series treadmill which is made of superb quality. Featuring ri
AB-T985 American Series New York Runner Treadmill
Large and easy to readConsoles display speed, distance, time, workout profiles, approximate calories
Running surface: 56 x 160 cm (22" x 63")Low impact: Cushioned deck designed for minimal joint impact
AIBI Spirit CT800
There are several keys areas that define a well designed treadmill; comfortable belts and cushioning
AB-T33 Motorised Treadmill
AB-T33 Motorised Treadmill
AB-T55 Motorised Treadmill
AB-T55 Motorised Treadmill