What is AIBI Gym
AIBI eGym is an exclusive FREE membership program designed for our valued customers. It features a health column which helps our customers to continually track their health status and a product support section to give our customers focused support and training on AIBI GYM products.

In addition, the program offers our members exclusive access to news & discounts. Indeed, at AIBI GYM, we have everything about you in our mind.
Benefits of AIBI GYM
Be in touch with our latest promotions and receive exclusive discounts for members only!
Birthday surprises for you, our valued customer.
Exclusive support on AIBI GYM products on a one-to-one basis by our products consultant.
Keep your health in check, with our popular BMI Tracker & Heart Rate Monitor.
Be the first to receive news of our latest products, health tips and many more!
Eligibility for Membership
Our membership program is exclusively for all AIBI GYM customers. Each product purchase entitles you to 6 months of our exclusive Gym membership. If you have made a purchase from us and have not signed up for this premium program.

Click here to sign up now! Absolutely FREE!