Fitness Accessories
Aibi Gym Fitness accessories make work light and exercise right.
Exercise Mat
Set-up Bar
Foam-Padded Ankle Bar Heavy Gauge Steel Construction Height Adjustable For User's Comfort
Training Slimming Shorts
Comfortable, lightweight, and durableSpecially stitched neoprene to endure elastic supportIncreases
Soft Dumbbells
Quality, soft-grip dumbbellsAdjustable to individual hand sizes
Ankle / Wrist Weight
Comfortable neoprene core-padded with soft fabric covering Adjustable to fit different wrist and an
Double Wheeled Exerciser
Molded plastic discs. Steel rod with comfortable grips.Strengthens arms, shoulders and back
Ankle Weight
3.0 kg pair 1.25 kg eachAdjustable in 300 g incrementsImproves muscle tone in legsMade from long-las
Chinning Bar
Foam handles with rubber endsFully adjustable length from 61 cm to 88 cm
Figure Twister
Simply stand on the Figure Twister and twist your hips. Your arms should swing to opposite direction
Resistang Tube
Yoga Mat
Fitness Mat
Resillient closed-cell N.B.R foam paddingLightweight & rolls up easilyWith 1 pc carrying strap1 pc P
Push Up Bar
Foam-covered handles for comfortable gripsIncreases body strength
Hand Grip
Durable steel hand grips with foam handles
Gym Ball
Multi Function Door Gym
Main Frame diameter: 254 mm x 1.2 mm (Total 5pcs)K/D type, multi-function for upper body training, C
Exercise Band
Latex Exercise Band 1666 EG - IB 0.35 m/m T. x 120 cm L. (green)1667 EG - IB 0.50 m/m T. x 120 cm L
Slim Belt
Help melt inches as you workoutUses your own body heat to get rid of excess body fluid & help you tr
Iron Jumping Rope
270 cm cable rope. Precision high-speed ball bearings.Solid core generates greater rope speedPerfect
Leather Jumping Rope
Improves blood circulationBurns fats and calories Improve flexibility and suppleness
Jumping Rope
Quality speed rope Lightweight for a perfect swing 270 cm long solid PVC ropeEasy to adjust to indiv
AB-HH001 Digital Hula Hoop
Records - Number of TurnsCalculates - Calories burnt Target - Set your Number of Turns and be Notifi
AIBI Gym Power Bender
Chrome plated steel bar with black molded gripsNylon safety wrist strapsTotal length: 75 cmSpring si
Spring-loaded backrestTrim and sculpt your inner and outer thighs.Excellent movement to improve flex
Vibro Tone
Helps to reduce excess fat and weightTones all important muscle groups of the bodyIncreases metaboli
Leg Magic
The Secret -Itís the Leg Magic, the new workout machine from America. Just 3 times a day is all you